Hello, old friend

Miss Mercedes sent me a link to a scooter for sale a few minutes ago, despite the fact that neither of us are supposed to be buying anything, of course we’re both looking. Well, turns out, this is my old scooter, my first scooter.

The seller on FB is the guy I sold it to. The mileage is listed at 5k, which it was knocking on the door of when I sold it to him this past summer... for almost twice as much as he’s asking. Somebody dropped him off, I started it up for him, and without as much as a test ride he paid me $1100 cash and rode off.


The “fresh gear fluid” I put in two years about 600 miles ago.

$600 is a fantastic deal. I wish I could buy it back and flip it in the spring. I know a certain member of Oppo who will be drooling over this thing.

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