Hello Oppo! So I have been lurking on this for god knows how long and because I am on spring break, I thought why not. So names Zach, I'm from Lawn Guyland and as you can tell from my user name I drive a box for dad jokes aka a 2005 Honda Pilot. It's a good car; it's 10 years old, has about 122k on it, has leather seats and all the fancy schmancy stuff that make this feel more like a Mercedes inside. I've got no good pictures of it but it's black, covered in salt and dirt, has a ski rack (I ski quite a lot), has a brown erm... beige inside with a dancing bird on the dash.

So why a Pilot? Well... I got it as a hand-me-down, and I've had it in my hands for 3 years, but it hasn't been a pain so I suppose I'll keep it for the next... 10 years or whenever it finally goes kaput. It has been useful to me for skiing, biking, moving to college and having a car full of drunkards but it's boring, but I'm not complaining, it works well.

I was supposed to get my dad's 2003 Chevy Tracker with a 5-speed but it got wrecked one month (%&#@$#@!!) before my 17th birthday. Once I graduate I hope to buy something along the lines of a Renegade with a 6-speed and finally have a manual again.

Oh and I have 2 cockatiels at home that are evil.

Can't wait to see what this place has in store for me.