First time caller poster, long time listener lurker

Actual brocure page photoshopped by a friend to show my car instead of the red Nova originally there

I’ve been a gear/petrol head since nearly birth thanks to my step-grandfather, who originally restored the car portrayed in the pictures above & below. I’ve been reading posts on Oppo since god-knows-when (seriously, I don’t remember the first time I came here), and finally got around to asking permission to post just the other day. Thanks Rockingthe2... dick. :D

Current fleet is as follows:

1970 Chevy Nova - Vortec 350, 5-speed stick; fun times car - I’ve taken it to Tail of the Dragon, Ocracoke Island, Washington DC Mall, and even daily’d it in the snow one time when my typical DD was broken. Originally a 307/3-speed auto. Only raced it once (at a track, street racing is for suckers), and put down a HORRIBLE 9.86 1/8 mile thanks to skinny rear tires, open diff, and driver inexperience (I’m thinking that last one was the biggest factor).


Big trunk = great camping vehicle

2004 Subaru Forester XT - 2.5 turbo (yay!), automatic (meh) with 200,000 miles; my daily driver since October 2013 until we sold my wife’s POS Impala, now it’s her daily.


+5 internets to whoever gets the reference...

1998 Subaru Legacy GT - 2.5 (no turbo), 5-speed stick with 240,000 miles; odd story with this one - I bought it in 2007 from Carmax (long before DeMuro ever considered posting about it) and drove it until I lost my job in 2010. A friend bought it from me in February 2011 and daily’d it until I bought it back in September of last year. Great car, but with a house on the horizon, I’m now considering selling it for a pickup.


Circa 2010, haven’t taken any pics of it since

Other random & useless tidbits about me include: graduated NASCAR Technical Institiute in 2006 (biggest waste of money ever); worked at a GM dealer as a technician for 1.5 years before deciding that making a hobby into a career was a dumb idea (hence why NTI was a waste); worked several other jobs until settling on logistics for the Navy, and am currently torn between deciding if my next fun project car should be a Miata or C4 Corvette. Fun fact, I’m 6'-4", 300lbs, and by some miracle I am able to fit myself in the driver seat of either car.


That’s about all I got!