Its been a while.

Some of you may remember this cube. I forgetforget what the last update i did was. 2017 saw JDM mirrors, headlights and sunvisors as well as a Kaminari carbon fiber hood. Some new wheels wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza Re71s, more tire than the car needs and a crash. Got rear ended by some girl who wasn’t paying attention. Nearly totaled the car with 6 grand in damage. It’s no longer seeing daily duty though, that’s the job of the Corolla behind it. Picked that up for 5 grand, put some wheels and tires on it (had three different tires when i bought it, 2 new Starfire RSCs, a Ecopia and a rotted potenza). The fiance got me a Evo X spoiler to satisfy my big wing needs and my best friend got me new headlights as cleaning the oem ones did nothing anymore. Both cars are basically straightpiped as well.

I’m hoping to take the cube to some NJ autocrosses this year, it’ll probably not end up in a stock class but it’ll be fun to compete with some other modded econoboxes at least.

And for those who remember the rear driver door damage, no that still hasn’t been fixed. It’s on the list.