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Hello Oppo!

Hello everyone. Thought I’d take advantage of my new authorship with an intro post.

I’m a car guy, airline pilot, RC heli guy, dad, husband, and a dork. Current cars are an Outback (the winter beast and heli hauler), and a 2001 996 C4. My better half is more sensible and has an Odyssey for the kid and dogs.


(Odyssey not pictured, I fell asleep even thinking about taking a picture of it).


SO anyway, those are my current cars. I’ve had the 996 for about a year now after wanting a 911 since 82 or so when my dad had a 911E, and that becoming my dream car. The 996 wasn’t the dream generation, but when looking at 964, 993, and 997 models, I enjoyed the driving experience of the 996 over the earlier cars, and the fact that it was a 911 at 50-70% off the cost of the other ones I looked at made the choice pretty easy.

The Porsche has some work I need to do to it once it warms up a bit. Back bumper has to come off, the muffler on the left side has a loud rattle in it, it’s the Porsche Sport Exhaust with the valve to make it loud, and they tend to break some of the internal welds causing the annoying sound. I’m going to take it to a shop and have them cut it open and fix it rather than pay Porsche the $1500 or so it would cost for a new box. While I’m back there I’m planning on doing the water pump, thermostat and maybe rebuild the SAI pump since it is getting a bit noisy.


No huge hurry on any of those, we’ve just gotten our 3rd noreast’er in 3 weeks and another is due next week here in the Live Free or Die state, so the 996 isn’t going on the road anytime soon.

So yeah. Hi. Glad to be here and be able to write after reading and commenting for so long.

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