I recently got permission to post here so thought I would say just a little about myself and the things I may be posting about. Lifelong British Sports car guy with lots of Healeys, Triumphs, and MGs in my background. Currently have a TR250 which I restored myself about ten years ago.

Have also been having fun buying relatively cheap runners, fixing up and driving and moving on to the next the last few years because life is short and I am not Jay Leno.

Including a running but rusty BMW2002, a running but slow Porsche 924, and a very orange Saab Sonett I sold last year.


My daily is an IS300, sadly equipped with the 3rd pedal delete option.

We just moved into a mid century ranch with a big yard. So I have been busy doing house stuff the last year or so.



Lots of PVC and Pex in my 3.5' tall crawl space. Back took a while to recover.

Bought the house so I could have my dream garage, but of course ended up with a one stall attached (and a big yard) But all is not lost, as the plans for the Garage Mahal were taken to the city codes office and approved this week. More to follow on this adventure.