Figured I would kick off my first post by showing my past rides and my feelings about each of them. Well, I should actually start off by showing you my current car (truck? Vehicle?):


Shes a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder SE. 130k Miles, extremely clean, and pretty close to stock. Within the next month it will be getting a 2" lift and 32" General Grabber AT2's (Already has a smaller set of the same tires). I love the vq35 power, the on road manners, and the high speed off road competence of the Pathy, and it has a lot of the same characteristics I loved about my last vehicle...

A Thundercloud Grey 2002 4runner sport edition. Quite the looker, but frame rust ate a huge hole in it, in typical Toyota 4x4 fashion.

Other Previous Rides:
-2001 Chrysler 300m: Highly underrated, but very boring full sized sedan. It was sort of a low point in my automotive life.


-2002 Volvo s70 AWD: Absolute beast in snow and rain, and was well built, as most Volvos are. The turbo 5 cylinder is an auto enthusiasts dream. Great car and I miss it dearly.

-1998 Lexus Gs300: My first car. Ran it to 200k miles and it never skipped a beat. Legendary 2jz reliability, without the turbos however, but I didn’t care. It never died and was a comfortable RWD boat with seats *Gasp* more comfortable than my Volvo’s.


Hopefully you enjoy my past garage, ill leave you with some of the cars i plan on owning in the future:

-Ls2 Pontiac GTO

-Volvo S70R

-C6 corvette

-FJ Cruiser

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