Hello Oppo!

I'm new around here and glad to join the community. I hope we'll be able to share gifs of cats, rants about automatic gearboxes, and posts explaining how awesome the Toyobaru twins are.

But in the meantime, I come to you for a matter of national security the highest importance.

Your unequaled expertise on car aesthetics and history leads me to ask you a question that, in simple english, can be expressed as follows: "Brah, dip or no dip?"

A 5-hour train ride from my hometown gave me the time to play around with Gimp long enough to look like car obsessed idiot with too much time on his hands put together a few possible directions for this.


(by the way, yes, I used a picture of myself in the Karussel. Part of it is because I like to brag about this, part of it is because it's the only shot of the car I have with this angle. Most of it is bragging.)

1. stock


2: roof center only


3: complete roof


4: complete roof and side mirrors


So far, the 4th shot has my preference, mostly because it makes the car seem a bit lower. But what your opinion?

By the way, I hope this kind of posts are OK on oppo.