Hope everyone is doing well, things here have been quite busy lately. First off, as of this past Saturday, I am a college graduate.

Second, to avoid burying the lead. We sold our house in Tacoma, WA. For over asking (sorry Dr. Zoidberg) but, the first deal fell through because after the inspection the prospective buyer wanted some work done that would be the responsibility of the HOA. While we were waiting for confirmation that the HOA would fix it the buyer drove through the neighborhood one bright and sunny Saturday morning and talked to one of the neighbors who complained about the HOA enough that the buyer pulled their offer. Was the neighbor wrong about the HOA? Probably not. Did they add undue stress to my life for the 4 hours in between that deal falling apart and us accepting another offer? Yes.

In other happenings KITTEN!!!!

A girl my wife works with found him, but couldn’t keep him so we agreed to take him. According to the vet, he was 4 weeks old when we got him a few days ago. We are still working on eating without his whole face and upper body being in the food bowl, we have resorted to spoon-feeding him for now so he doesn’t need a bath after every meal. We named him Yeti.


Our other cat, Mrs. Doubtfire, isn’t too happy with the whole deal.

This has been her face for the last few days.


Even though I graduated Saturday I was planning on taking 2 summer classes to prepare for the Six Sigma Black Belt test, but both of those classes got canceled because not enough people signed up for them. Instead of seriously starting to look for a job next month... I should probably be job hunting instead of being on oppo.

And finally, we no longer own a blackcar. We traded in Mrs. Blackcar’s IS350 for a 2015 MB C300 this past Monday.


It has 24,000 miles and all the CPO extended warranty goodness and we bought the additional MB extended warranty which, I actually feel pretty good about because German reliability.