Hello everyone, I haven’t been posting much lately, been busy with school and life. Opponions needed though.

I happened to see this at a used car lot here in town the other day.

I stopped and looked at it with Mrs. Blacktruck last weekend. It’s an ‘04 Ram SRT-10, 50,000 miles they are asking $21,500. It’s mostly stock, it has headers, custom exhaust and it’s tuned, about 475 hp at the wheels. The only real problem with it is 3 of the wheels are curbed and would need to be re-done, aside from that it’s pretty clean.

Mrs. Blacktruck told me I can get it, if I sell or trade in blacktruck and the Lincoln.

For those who don’t know or remember, blacktruck is a 2014 Ram 1500 RCSB. Still under factory bumper to bumper warranty for about another year and about 80,000 miles of power train warranty. I really like it, aside from not having power seats there is nothing I can say I don’t like about it.


And the Lincoln is my 1979 Lincoln Continental, 42,000 miles, barn find. It’s pretty much amazing in every conceivable way. I am not joking, I really love this car, out of all the cars I have owned it it definitely in my top 3. I bought it with the intention of flipping it but I really like it, I have given up on selling and I have every intention of keeping it for awhile. Flipping it is definitely not going to happen. I love it way too much to sell it just to make money off it.


But, a Ram SRT-10 is definitely on my dream car list. I have almost bought 2 in the past, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it at the time. Yes, the gas mileage is horrible and it will be expensive to maintain, but they are awesome trucks. Just the fact that someone at Dodge was ballsy enough to think it up and get it approved makes me love them.

Last fact: the SRT-10 has side exit exhaust. It sounds like all the good sex. Not drunk, alright he or she is the last person in this bar that I am somewhat willing to go home with sex, the sex you imagine happening with the your #1 fantasy celebrity sex.


TLDR and summation:

1. Buy Ram SRT-10 dream truck

2. Giving up blacktruck which is still under warranty and my Lincoln which is an amazing vehicle


What would oppo do?