Hello there! I have been a reader/commenter on here for a few months now, so you may or may not recognize my name. Now, surprisingly there was no party thrown in my honor, but I'll let it go...this time.

Quick intro: My name is Chris and I'm 24. I reside in Cincinnati (for now). I love the outdoors (animals, plants, rocks/fossils, sports, etc.) and art in it's many forms (drawing, painting, photography, cinema, music, cars, etc.). Yes cars are art! Don't give me that, "art can't have a purpose other than its self" bs. I've loved cars ever since gran turismo came out; maybe even before then. My dad worked as a car salesmen as I was growing up, so I was always around cars. I remember we would play games, identifying all the car makes and models when we were driving someplace or even just as they passed us by, walking down a street. Those were good (and simpler) times.

I like all different types of cars, just as long as they're fun and have a stick shift. Don't call me an elitist, I just prefer them. I choose to drive only manual transmissions for a number of reasons (aside from them being downright fun). One reason is that I have ADD and it helps me to focus on driving; where as I find myself losing focus in automatics. Another reason is that I enjoy experiencing the analog in this irritatingly digital world. Too many things have become digital, some call it progress; I do not.

Currently, I drive a mostly stock '96 M Edition Miata. I call her my mini fd, as the real fd is my dream car and quite possibly the best sports car ever made (fact). I have come to love my Miata over the last couple of months of working on her here and there; as well as learning her mannerisms and such. She's truly a great car, of which I was thrilled to find a review of (shortly after buying her) on none other than Jalopnik! It was written by Travis Okulski to give credit, where credit's due and it was a fine write up that is worth checking out if you care to.

Anyway, I'm tired as hell; so I'll leave you with a couple pictures of my car (taken on my iphone4):


Below taken on a road trip on my way up Mount Mitchell

Thanks for reading. Good day.