Helmet cam clip shows what it's like to be bikejacked at gunpoint

[EDITED TO ADD WARNING - This clip contains footage of someone being shot]

[EDIT 2 - As anticipated, the original clip has been removed from youtube. Luckily I saved it beforehand, and i'm reuploading it now.]


Every biker's worst nightmare. The main issue with motorcycles is they're incredibly easy to steal, and as this clip demonstrates there's nothing between you and anyone willing to make a grab for it. In less than half a minute they've got the guy off the bike, and ready to make good their escape.

Having said that, I have to say, I have no issues whatsoever with how this video ends.


According to the video description, the police wounded but didn't kill the hijacker. More importantly, the motorcycle only suffered minor cosmetic damage. Shame the other biker orchestrating the attempt didn't get caught too, but with his face clearly visible on the footage, there's every chance he'll be found.

Sao Paulo constabulary do not fuck around.

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