I’m looking to buy a helmet for AutoX and potentially some “2 wheels good”.

Stock graphics

My initial want of a Biltwell Gringo was quashed by the need for ECE 22.05 or Snell M2015 for SCCA.

To stay within my price range I’m thinking of getting a Bell Qualifier. But, being me, I don’t want to stick with the stock graphics. I want to do up a Mondrian style graphic, does anyone have any experience with painting helmets?

not bad looking


I’m thinking I’d just buy a matte black one, mask off the “lines” then paint the various white and colored squares. The issue being... will the paint stick? Will I have to lay down primer? Will I need to clear over the whole thing afterwards?

Quick mock-up


I know I’ll have to dismantle the helmet, but it doesn’t seem too difficult.