Helmet testing.

Had a pretty good wipeout on the mountain bike this morning, which unfortunately gave me a chance to find out how good my helmet is was.

I know, it’s portrait, but my right arm didn’t work, and I was about 45 mins removed from receiving a mild concussion.
Cracks at right forehead, right ear, and back of head. I recently upgraded to a helmet that covers the lower back part of my skull from a more road/XC style lid (good call).

Got overconfident after numerous good runs on a jump line and washed out landing a jump into a berm at a decent speed (I was fucking flying). I’d been rolling into the berm all morning, but started to feel a bit heroic after a handful of nice tabletops/gaps, decided to launch into it, and ate shit for my enthusiasm.

On the plus side, my bike wasn’t damaged. Oh, and the helmet seemed to do it’s job, too. Some newer bike helmets have been using a MIPS system, which is supposed to help with rotational forces in an impact. The padding is fastened to a semi-rigid plastic shell, which is then attached to the foam “helmet” proper. You can see the twisting of the padding on the liner, allowing the helmet to rotate in a few different places, as opposed to spinning my head like a top.

As a testament to how well this helmet served it’s purpose, I was able to ride two miles and 900' down the mountain (not on singletrack, but a semi washed out fireroad), and ended up with a minor headache that was more lack of food related than impact (a granola bar fixed it). The worst damage was the golfball sized chunk of skin that peeled back off my forearm, but some lidocaine, a handful of stitches and a tetanus shot squared that away.

Now it’s time to go order another helmet, and probably a pair of elbow pads.

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