I'm stuck in East Lansing, with my wife, mom, sister, and my 2 yr old kid, in a pt cruiser that won't turn over. We got out of the car to eat, and when we returned, the dashboard lights came on but it won't turn over. Thoughts? Please help. We're an hour from home and insurance won't cover rental, -_-.

Update: the car got towed to the firestation, which is actually further from my house. The rest of my family is waiting at Wendy's because apparently rental places either don't open on Saturdays or don't do pickup, -_-. There is a buzzing noise near the starter and solenoid too, and all electrical stuff seems to work except the trunk. The trunk has no keyhole, and the release lever is electric, and for some reason it won't open.

As I told my wife "American engineering, am I right?"