Wiring noob. I’m trying to power my stereo, and could use a more experienced eye so I don’t screw anything up. Check my work?

I need to hook all this up (well, the blue antenna lead is optional but may as well right?) I figured I’d wire nut everything and test it out before using the crimp style connectors I have.


Black to ground is easy, I put red electrical tape around the ground in my dash when removing the stock stereo.

Blue should go to the power antenna control listed below (light green/yellow, Miata radio harness)

So that leaves yellow, red, and blue/white to connect to the stock radio harness.

Yellow (constant 12v) should go to 12v battery (blue/red miata radio harness). This is what gives constant power, in order to keep presets and maybe clock time yeah..?


Red (ignition/accessory 12v) should go to 12v accessory?? (blue/black miata radio harness) this is what powers the amp when you turn the key and makes everything work. I think?

And then blue/white (amp turn on) should connect to.... Uh. Also to the constant 12v along with the yellow wire above..? This powers the amp, but looking at my total system I think the only connection between the amp and head unit is RCA cables? Does that sound right? Sorry, jumping into this after weeks of no work. I should have drawn out a diagram of how I’d connected everything...


This seems to be an accurate wiring guide for the stock radio harness. I ran new speaker wire so I don’t have to worry about the door wires. And the TNS (the nighttime system) doesn’t seem to be needed. I’m not actually sure what that is, possibly connecting the stock radio to the dimmer switch?


can I just use the stock radio harness for everything, or do I need to track down different wires? Any help is appreciated. Comically small Miata workspace for your time


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