I have new info on my belt/alternator/whatever issue so maybe someone will have an idea of what’s going on.

Voltage is dropping when I’m driving slow or stopped. Drops from 14-14.2 to 11.9-12.6 and then starts squealing like crazy. If I shift into neutral volts will slowly rise back up to 14 and then the squealing will stop, but if I engage the clutch, press the gas or brake pedal AT ALL before it gets back to 14 volts, it will instantly drop back down to 12ish volts and keep squealing.


So... Whats causing the voltage drop? I thought I had a belt issue, but now it’s looking like an electrical problem. Battery is brand new, alternator will be tested this weekend. Halp

Oh a d this has been happening since long before I added a stereo and other accessories so I can’t imagine power draw would play a factor

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