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so it starts but still isn’t right. When it was running there was a fair amount of smoke come out the tail pipe. Either way, its heading to the shop. I’ve run out of time to do this on my own.


I had replaced a cam position sensor based on a ‘historic code’. I decided to try the old one and it actually started, HOWEVER, i put the new one back in and it started again. The car hasn’t run in maybe 3 weeks, so this was its first start up.

This is the order of what I did:

running rough: found a slice in the tube between the air box and intake maifold., replaced tube


P0300 random misfire, runs rougher: spark plugs, cleaned MAF

no change, replace one of two cam position sensors (while waiting for that, I took the opportunity to replace a leaking oil pan. while removing the oil pan, a coolant pipe was damaged. oil pan still leaks, drain oil, do a goop seal, replace oil. COOLANT PIPE ARRIVES 2.5 WEEKS LATER. attach pipe, add coolant, push start, and that brings us to current time with this evenings fun.



Why won’t it start. It’s all back together. I just goes chuga chuga chuga chuga. It will start to turn over but for a split second

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