So yes it is true I do love you all like I love cake, Opponauts... and boy do I really love cake.

I am a hefty person (6'4 - 400lbs) and I am starting to plan a vacation, to beautiful Las Vegas Nevada!

(no, it is not for the International Twinkie eating competion, everyone knows that goes down in Tunica, Mississippi you silly goose)

The QOTD today, about the best coach seat in all of air travel sparked my chubby interest. The over worked (lolz), and horribly under-paid editors, at this very website got me thinking. "whats for lunch?" Soon after my lunch order had been put in, (eating an entire large pie is normal right?), I began to wonder: "how is my fat jolly ass gonna fit in a seat? Can I ride in the cargo hold? Can I ride on the wing? Who invented the pizza table so the box doesn't mess up the cheese?"


After learning that indeed the wonderful people (and horrible products) at Dominos, did in-fact invent the "box tent", and that it was already patented, It still left me with my other burning questions un-awnsered.

So to you, the great people of Oppo, which airline has the widest seat in coach?

If there are any other people here that shop at Casual Male XL (there annual fall sale, IS GOING ON NOW!) that could recommend a seat that I will infact fit into, it would be of great joy to me, and my love handles!


-Jolly Oppo Fan