Help a starving student make a Nissan GT-R Film

There's this college kid named Evan Ewing in LA who really wants to make a cool, short film for one of his classes. And he wants to make it about the Nissan GT-R. He loves the GT-R and he'd like to show his fellow students, teachers, and car enthusiasts how much he loves it. Frankly, he's a bit nuts on the subject. But, the thing is, he's a student, which means he's a dirty, poor person. And it costs money to make movies, even really short ones. So he needs to somehow scrape up $2,500. He can't do it himself because he's, as I mentioned, poor and dirty. So, he's got a kickstarter page where he's begging for money, like some sort of shameless third-world indigent.

Normally, of course, I would spurn this money-grubbing little ragamuffin like a rabid dog. Yet, somehow, he's touched my heart. His pathetic longing for a car that, at his age and income, might as well be made of pure unobtainium, speaks to me. Much as Celine Dion said about the looters after Hurricane Katrina, "Dey never get touch de nice tings. Dey are so poor! Let dem touch it!", I want to let him touch a nice thing.


Hey! I'm talking about the GT-R he clearly loves so much, not the very naughty thing you were thinking.

I'm not sure why he loves the GT-R. It is, after all, a Japanese car, which means that, while fast, it is a soulless chunk of machinery, in exactly the way a Jaguar F-Type is not. But he loves it anyway, so I have decided to try and help him raise the $2,500 he needs to make his movie. He is billing it as The Greatest Nissan GT-R Film of All Time, presumably because he's never seen The Fast and The Furious. Or The Fast and The Furious 2 through 5.

Also, helping him out gives me the illusion that I am not, in fact, a horrible human being. If you would like to enjoy the same illusion of caring for others, then go to his kickstarter page and drop a sawbuck on him. Then contact your attorney to get set up to sue his pants off for the appropriate return on your investment in case of the remote possibility that he ever makes one thin dime of off it.

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