Unfortunately the Sienna has decided that it doesn’t like oil, and has started depositing it on the street. After work I was able to put it up on ramps and poke around. I knew the boot on the steering rack was shot, so I was expecting to see a bit of power steering fluid leaking out. Unfortunately I think there’s two other leaks - oil leaks.


The first one is more toward the center of the vehicle. I was thinking it was on the gasket between the engine and transmission, but I’m not sure on that. There didn’t appear to be an obvious spot where it was weeping, but it was definitely collecting lower down and dripping.

The other spot appeared up behind the block, on the passenger side, up above the inner tie rod end. I’m wondering if that also contributed to the demise of the boot on the steering rack on that side.

At this point I’m going to take it in to get the steering rack done (~$500 in parts, $850 in labour), but getting the other two oil leaks sorted out before I do that would be ideal.

Any guesses on where it’s leaking from?

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