Help diagnose my brake issue, Oppo!

Good Morning. Having an issue and feeling fried, hopefully some of you may have ideas.

2002 E46. Brand new brakes all around (pads, rotors, one caliper). When braking softly to moderately, I’m getting vibration from the front, exactly like a warped rotor. Clamp down a bit harder and it is nice and smooth. It doesn’t shake every time, but most of the times it does.

Feels like a warped rotor. However, new rotors, whole thing has about 1500mi on it, and it’s done it for the last 800 or so. Also, it not being consistent points to something else.


Any ideas?

Pic of my first car for your time. Well, this one isn’t mine, but other than the wheels it looked like this. May have to pick one of those up after I sell the E46.

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