Okay, super long story, but ultimately my best friend is a huge car enthusiast and needs help finding a fun car to daily drive. Between the two of us, we can get $4000-$4500 to get him into something he will be able to love. There are a few requirements, though if something looks really awesome but doesn't meet the requirements, post it anyway. We are open to all suggestions. That said, the obvious choice, a miata is the one car he won't get. So to get to the point, these are the things most important in a car to him. (not in strict order)

Also looking for specific listings, not just types of cars though I suppose all help is welcome.

the top 5 most important things to him in order are:

1 - rear wheel drive

2 - reliable enough to be used as daily driver (also has to be able to make it from where its currently located to Jacksonville FL under its own power.

3 - not a convertible.

4 - German

5 - manual transmission

Please help us find a car that will help free an enthusiast from a beigemobile and allow more hooning to ensue!