My wife's Carroll has a number of problems. One that popped up a month or two ago is the brake light was staying on even when not braking and when the car was off. I found out the rubber cushion had broken off, so in an attempt to fix the problem quickly I replaced it with some glued on cork. I knew this wouldn't last, but it did get her to the end of the school year. Monday I noticed the light was on again, but when she got in the car, it went back off. This morning the car was dead. I'm hoping it is just a dead battery. When I "fixed" it before, I looked for, but couldn't find a part number or even a good description. This time I have a part number but everywhere wants to charge 10 bucks or more for shipping on a part that is less than a buck. It should fit in a standard envelope.

What I've found so far:

Toyota McDonough Parts - Part 47131


Anyone who can help me find this for 5 bucks or less shipped to 70448 will earn 10 oppopoints.