So, I have no fucking clue what kind of vehicle I want. Here’s my list of shit that I want in a vehicle. Please help.

Things I Want

  • 4x4
  • V8 if available, if there is a V8 available. I require that.
  • Needs to be able to tow a 20 foot boat
  • Manual if possible
  • Needs to have under 120,000 miles on it
  • Needs to be under $24,000 so I don’t have to finance out the ass
  • Needs ground clearance NO WAGONS
  • Must be 2007 or newer
  • Needs to seat four adults comfortably
  • Needs to have plenty of space for coolers/camping gear/fishing gear. I do a lot of outdoorsy shit and need me space.
  • Needs to have some options Ex: TRD, Z71
  • A reverse camera, (I spend my time split between rural Virginia and Washington DC, parking will get interesting.)
  • Needs to not break a lot

Things I Don’t Want

  • Anything that Lexus makes
  • Chlamydia
  • A Jeep Wrangler
  • A Miata
  • Any form of wagon
  • A Honda Element
  • Anything made by Subaru
  • A work truck
  • A Tahoe/Suburban/Expedition/Escape
  • Anything bigger than a Tundra, the Tundra is pushing it as far as size goes.
  • Anything that will break a lot

Cars I’m Interested In, all 4x4

  • 2005+ Tacoma TRD Sport/Offroad
  • 2007+ Silverado 1500 Z71
  • 2011+ F-150 Ecopoop and 5.0
  • 2005+ 4Runner 4.7 V8 only
  • 2007+ Tundra 5.7
  • 2011+ Ram 1500 5.7
  • 2011+ Grand Cherokee 5.7 (EhhhhhHhhh)
  • 2014+ 4Runner Sr5

Cars I’m Unsure About

  • Nissan Frontier
  • Nissan Xterra
  • Honda Ridgeline

Probably forgetting a lot. Just help me dammit.