I’m stuck, and its pretty fucking annoying. I staerted my job on Monday and my wife has been driving me to work. It also requires us dragging the kids out. I need a new car but i’m a pretty stubborn ass when it comes to cars. The WRX spoiled me. I feel like if I’m not driving something as fast as the WRX its just not going to satisfy me. I decided to go in the oppposite direction and look at an 87 Land Cruiser but that one was a hunk of shit and wasn;t going to work. I dont know what to do. My leading perspective is a late 90’s Wrangler. I dunno if I’m a jeep guy. No way do I want FWD. The less I spend on this vehicle the more I can spend on something that finally suits my desires. What should I get? It still need to be fairly presentable for if I ever need to go meet anyone fro my office.

south of Boston (02339), $8k if its awesome, no more than that. NEEDS to be reliable