First off, I am not handicapped, I just have a short wife. Her new FIATA finally came in, and we decided to get her a clutch pedal extender so she can move her seat back from the air bag. Currently, she has to have the seat all the way up in order to press the clutch all the way to the floor. A couple inches or so on just that pedal would do it.

I surfed around to find what I needed, and it turned out to be harder than I thought. I found model-specific extenders for Mustangs and Corvettes, and I found kits for the brake and gas pedals on slush-boxes, but not individual clutch extenders. I could have gotten a brake/gas kit and just used the brake, but brake pedals tend to be much wider than clutch pedals, so I wasn’t sure this would work.

I did find one site selling the individual clutch pedal extenders, . Now that I go back and look at it, I feel like a fool for ordering from them. It looks like a website from the 90's, and even says in small print that it was last updated in 2014. But it had a checkout function that included Paypal as an option, so it felt legit at the time. And that’s the last thing I’ve heard. No auto-email, no thank you, no shipping update or tracking number. That was Mar 13, so it’s been just long enough for me to get suspicious, so I started digging.

I honestly didn’t even remember where I ordered it from, so I had to check my Paypal receipt. Paypal listed “Scotts Trike Center” as the vendor. The receipt also listed as the website, which is a bad link. It also lists the email address, which, aol? Really? I sent an email, and didn’t get a failure notice, so...who knows.


Then I went back and found the original site that I ordered it from, and the amount of missing and bad info just should have stuck out to me. The email address listed on that site is, which is a bad address. The phone number is 910-723-1950, which is a bad number.

So I googled scotts adaptive devices, and found another site, which has the same feel as the other one. On this website, he says “I’m a parapalegic supplying adaptive devices to the handicap!” There is also a link for another website which is a bad link.


Next I just started googling his name and address, and found this: which looks like a failed attempt to dominate the online ultralight classifieds market. This HAS to predate Craigslist. But at least it explains the trike thing, I guess. According to Zillow, the business address is a mobile or modular home in rural NC. I also found one of those unclaimed money sites for “Scottswebdeveloping” at that address.

I’m pretty confident that I got ripped off, as there is just nothing out there that lends me to believe that this an active business. I opened a dispute with Paypal, we’ll see where it goes.


But what do you think, OPPO? What’s going on here? Is this an all-out scam, or just someone that used to have a business and either died or is in poor health? What’s the deal?

The biggest concern for me is that other people may be getting taken as we speak.


Also, does anyone know where I can get that clutch pedal extender that I need?