Because I’m a fucking retard I broke a valve cover bolt. (remember kids 35 in/lbs is not the same as 35ft/lbs ask me how I know). I tried an easy out and it did sweet fuck all for me. so next step I guess is to drill out the bolt and tap the hole bigger. only one small problem THE DRILL BIT BROKE IN THE FUCKING HOLE!!!

How do I get the broken bit out now???

What was supposed to be a quick 30min job of changing the valve cover gaskets has now turned into a 2 day nightmare with no sleep because I’m too stressed out.

Edit: I was able to shatter some of the broken bit and use a magnet to get the small pieces out. I have enough dept now to tap the hole and put in a half inch long bolt there. If I have to leave a little piece of the bit in the bottom of the hole so be it.

I fell much better now.

An hour ago I was ready to take a sledge hammer to the entire car and make a very expensive abstract lawn ornament.