[Repost for morning]

Ok guys I know we all have a lot of issues with Kinja and they only seem to get worse. With the exception of the new photo uploader, pretty much everything else is rough to use. But most of you just complain in posts and that will not fix anything. So here are some tips to help kinja support help you.

1. Tag

They really need any issue and complaint post tagged appropriately so they can find your post. The appropriate help tag is #Kinjahelp. You may add more, but they need this to flag them. Without that how are they supposed to find out you have a voice?

2. Email

Did you know there is a Kinja Help page? Well there is. And they are super helpful. Now the help articles may or may not help you, but you can email them with specific issues. This is very very important. I have emailed them so very much I am surprised they have not blocked my email. I send them links to all of your complaint posts and any bots yo post about so we can get this platform fixed and running well. Now the help page is hard to find now thanks to infinite scroll. The link is located at the bottom of the page which is hard to get to after all that scrolling


This is why I keep the help page bookmarked right next to Oppo and Jalopnik.


I would highly suggest you do the same. Every single email I have ever sent has gotten a response either helping me with an issue or adding the complaints to the rest for review. And, if you are reading this, I would like to thank Steve C. and the whole Kijna Support team for doing their best with helping out and responding in a timely manner. I mean for all its issues Kinja has a good support team that responds quicker than any other support team I have ever had to deal with. Definitely a plus on the side of Kinja. I mean look at all these damn emails.


So please all of my fellow Opponaughts help me help us get this platform back to how it used to be. I mean honestly I think we would just be so happy if infinite scroll would just go away. So go ahead, voice your concerns and issues, but don’t forget that there are people with feelings on the other side and they deserve your respect and good manners.

Now have a beautiful MP4-12C for reading