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Help me.

My computer is acting like a dick.

I have a late 2013 MacBookPro, and it usually works like a charm. But I’ve had constant electrical issues with the computer. It went through one drive, and a display.

I attributed this to a shitty KBB repair at an Apple Store, but they didn’t want to do anything about it because the KBB repair had already cost them 1400 dollars.

I had to go with the computer guy at my father’s office, who was very nice and got me a new hard drive for very little. The display too.

In the end, it works well. The only issue I’ve had was today. The computer starts, but keeps freezing. EVERYTHING even the keyboard and the mouse. It would restart a few seconds later.

In order to diagnose this, I opened the activity monitor, but there wasn’t any process asking for too much CPU or memory. I then thought it was a hardware issue; and my keyboard and mouse weren’t being detected.

So, I got a clock on display that showed seconds, and it froze too: so it wasn’t only hardware.

So, to finally conclude on the hardware suggestion; I opened up the windows partition; and it’s working flawlessly. So It’s not a hardware issue; it seems like something in Mac OS decided it didn’t want to work at all. Any ideas?


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