Help me choose a car!

Dear Oppos!

Please help me with a decision!

I currently drive a 2004 Acura TSX (manual, of course) and I need to get something new and obviously not FWD. I would like your suggestions and comments on the list of cars I am considering. Like you all, I need something thats fun to drive, RWD or AWD, manual tranny and nice to look at in and out from a driver's standpoint. Coupes are preferred but I do need 4 seats, have a 5 year old that needs to ride! I am by no means super rich or anything, I have saved up the money to get a car that I can have fun with for the next 6-10 years!


Here is what I have been looking at:

Audi S5:

Pros: looks, interior, nice manual tranny

Cons: heavy, $$$, long term reliability?

Comments: Driving the S5 was very nice, surprisingly nice manual, perky engine, sounds nice only when revved hard but its more of a GT car than a sports car. Interior is absolutely drool worthy!


BMW M235i:

Pros: Engine, RWD, lotsa fun!, cheap(comparitively), reliability, LSD option!!!

Cons: Image (compared to the S5/M4/911, especially with non-oppos, not that I care a LOT), interior is not all that great.


Comments: Really like the value for money, its a true drivers car indeed! And I can order it with an LSD and a BMW performance exhaust and it will still be ~50K. I think with the power it makes one could have a lot of fun without getting into trouble like the M4.


Subaru BRZ:

Pros: Handling, fun, cheap!!

Cons: Hoover-like engine music, cheap interior/electronics, low torque

Comments: Like everyone on Oppo, I wish it had 50 more horses and a wee bit more torque, in which case I could live with the Hoover under the hood. But for that price, its brilliant! If this was available in 2004, I would be driving that now.



Pros: POWER! LOTS OF POWER and TORQUE!, RWD, True M-car!!

Cons: Overkill? too much of an overstatement? $$$

Comments: I drove the M4 with a DSG and its a LOT of car but I dont think I need that much performance for the street. I just think that when are having fun, you will be in 'get-your-ass-in-jail' speeds very quickly. I will use about 10% of its capability 90% of the time which is bad. I will take it to track, but not as much as I want to because of work/family.


Porsche 911 C2S:

Pros: its a 911!!! everyone's dream car. And a 7-speed manual!!!!

Cons: $$$$$$$$$$$$$, reliability/maintenance

Comments: I love everything about the 911, but I really feel that I would just end up babying the living hell out of it and worrying over every single little thing that have fun with it. Plus, tires that cost ~$1300 every 12K miles, periodic service that costs ~$300, etc etc.


Please feel free to post your comments/suggestions!!

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