I'm getting married in Ravello in Southern Italy on the Amalfi coast this summer. My one and only job is to choose a car for us.

As we are eloping it's just me and my lady so we dont need anything too big. The car will mainly be used for photos, and i doubt we would even use it as a bridal car etc.

Now I don't know what car I want to choose. I think I want a classic, and Italian to match the wedding.

My Three favourites from the big three

Ferrari dino


Lambo Miura


Alfa 33 stradale - rare as hens teeth, but god it is gorgeous


I have found a Ferrari 250GT in silver i could rent


So I'm looking or suggestions.

1) I don't want modern cars ( a Ferrari F40 must nearly be a classic right)

2) This is all hypotheticals at the moment...i can try to make it happen later

3) I want high end cars, yes the fiat 500 is nice and the fiat600 multipla is unique but i'm a car guy


4) Prefer italian but any 50-70's sportscar could be considered ( think MGA, E-Type vert, 356 etc)

5) No Yank Tanks, nothing wrong with them. Just not for the wedding.