So I’ve made it pretty obvious on here that I’m not too fond of my new Wrangler, and I plan on replacing it by November. I was planning on waiting it out until next March, but it turns out it’ll be cheaper to get rid of it sooner, rather than later (CO registration fee will be $500+ next January since it’s a new car). I want to start shopping now so I know exactly what I want once the time comes.

The Criteria:
- Under 100K Miles
- Under $26,000
- Not American (don’t feel like going into detail about this one)
- At least a V6
- Needs a sunroof
- I may be the only one saying this, but it doesn’t need to be terribly reliable or cheap to maintain..I’d rather have something fun
- Preferably AWD but I can do RWD
- I prefer a manual but I may consider a good auto this time around

The Top Prospects:


Let me know what else you guys would consider...I’m really digging the German with the heart of an Italian (cough cough S6)