Hello and good morning fine people of Oppositelock, I am requesting your assistance in finding a new set of speakers for my 2004 Acura TSX. I want to get new 6.5" speakers for all four doors and 2 new 6"x9" speakers for the rear. Budget is about $200 all-in, as I’m not looking for state of the art stuff, just something with some improvement over the OEM set up. I’m looking for a system that has good mids and highs, and solid bass. I want to go new and preferably from amazon(free trial of prime).

I’ve never had upgraded speakers, and would like to upgrade the head unit, but with the dash design it would require a special frame and adapters which seem quite expensive. Because of this I would like to only do speakers, but am kind of lost on what all to look for, and what would be some good equipment to start out with.

Have a Porsche GT3 I detailed not too long ago for your time and assistance: