Help me Craigslist, Oppo (moto edition)

My ‘73 CL450's timing chain decided to hiccup while riding a few months ago, and has been down since then. I was going to try and re-time the cams, but I’m going to pull the head and rebuild everything with one of my STEM classes instead. While that’s being done, I need to find another bike to ride. This will just be a toy, with no real commuting duties. I’m not too into new bikes, so I’m looking for pre-90s stuff, preferably pre ‘80s, unless it’s something interesting.

I’m into trackers, but am open to all styles. I’d love an old XR750, but they’re an order of magnitude more than I’d like to spend. I’m looking to keep it under $3k for good condition runners, and under $2k for bikes that need some work. I’ve already found some early ‘80s Sporsters in that price range that I’m thinking would make a good base for a street tracker build.


Anyways, show me what your local CL has to offer to help inspire my purchase.

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