Help me decide!

2009+ NC Miata or FRS/BRZ? I keep going back and forth. One month I’m set on an FRS and the next it’s the Miata.

First off the Miata: A convertible is on the top of my WANTS list as I live in Southern California. The car + insurance is cheaper, and i’m sure maintenance is cheaper as well. Arguably more fun at lower speeds. However, it is not a practical car by any means.


FRS / BRZ: I’m a tall guy and will more or less fit in this car. I would have to replace the seat in the Miata. It’s practical (relatively speaking), and looks great. There is also a time attack series in my area called the 86 Cup. I want a strong social factor for my next car, so having a group to go to the track with every month or so would be epic. I know the Miata has a great motorsports following, but I haven’t come across anything similar to the 86 Cup.

What are your opinions Oppo? If you want to think outside the box I am looking for a RWD car that is cheap to maintain, lots of fun, under 14k USD and can be taken to track days occasionally. Will also be my DD.

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