As some of you are aware, I make a habit of infusing vodka with various fruits. Well, I've got more vodka, but I'm not sure what fruit I want to infuse it with. Any suggestions?

These are the ones I've done before

Strawberry - The surefire winner. sweet and super mellow, just gets better as it ages. Left side of the above picture


Raspberry - Rather tart at the start (once described to me as tasting like Sloe Gin), candy syrup after 3 months. Seriously, freeze-and-pour-over-ice-cream kinda sweet. Right side of the above picture

Blackberry - Super sweet to start, oddly enough does the opposite of raspberry and gets really tart with age

Blueberry - Fucking terrible. Tastes bad, comes out brown >.<

Watermelon - Hard to get right (cause of all the water), makes a good base for others


Grapefruit - Did it wrong the first time, came out stupid tart

Lemon - Tasted like gasoline the first time. My brother mixed it with Iced Tea and quite enjoyed it


So, anyone have any ideas/suggestions?

EDIT: It would appear that popular opinion is orange, pear and banana. not sure about that last one. I'm also considering Pomegranate and Green Apple. hmm, so many choices