Help me Decide what car to buy!

Hey Oppo! I keep on trying to figure out what car I should buy next and I want some of your suggestions!

I am a married 27 year old web developer and have a budget of about $40k CAD all in (taxes, freight etc.). I currently have a 2008 Chevrolet cobalt coupe which I actually like (for what it is).

What I am looking for is a new car to get me back and forth to work that is decent on gas (24mpg+ average according to the EPA), it must have a sunroof (or be a convertible) and preferably a coupe but not a must (my wife has a CUV and we have no kids so space isn't a must). Doesnt matter if its new or used. I would prefer it to be somewhat reliable.


I think what I am looking for is more of a grand tourer (something comfortable with good performance, but I'm not necessarily looking to set lap times).

Help me Oppo, you are my only hope!

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