Pick a Turo for me to rent in Dallas / Houston!

I am escaping the frosty grip of winter for a few days around Xmas and need your help!

Although I don’t need a car during my trip, I thought it is a good chance to try different cars. If you find a good car for ~$30 a day, I’ll rent it through my trip and save my friends the trouble of driving me around.

I was hoping to find a Miata to drive for a day or two in either Dallas or Houston. I only found 1 RF in Dallas for $90/day ($135 including insurance). This is expensive.


Let me know if you find any other cars in the Houston and Dallas-Ft. Worth area on Turo.

In case you live in or around DFW and H-town, I’d like to drive your car too! (only a short drive). I will return the favor with my E39 M5 if you are in town! :)

Also, if you need someone to drive a car from Dallas to Houston, I’ll do it free of charge (Pls don’t put drugs/illegal things in the car. There will be an extra charge for that :D)

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