As some of you may know, I'm deep into my search for a CPO car to replace my 2009 Jetta SE.

I've tossed around a 128i, GTI 4 door, and a Cooper S. You can imagine the amount of time I've spent/wasted on this search. I'm sure that you can…because you're all Opponauts and Jalops. You can also probably imagine my girlfriend getting annoyed every night "Are you really looking at cars on your phone again?" etc. etc. I can't help it! I need to know what's out there, what if I miss the one?


At any rate, I think I've narrowed it down to the GTI. Now that I've started to make that known, I'm now facing things like "Aren't you a little old for a GTI..?" No, what!? I'm 25 for Christ's sake. To combat the age discrimination and to add to my comfort, I'll make sure this thing has black leather interior, nav screen, 6 speed manual.

My problem is with the wheels. I've always hated the Denver/Detroit wheels since they came out. If I do get this car, I'm going to switch to Velos or Omanyt. I'm a sucker for the Omanyt on the R32 and the Velos are pretty freaking good looking. I think both add a little understated class to the car. Omanyt are on the top, Velos on the bottom.

Keeping in mind this won't be stanced and I'm all about OEM, what do you think?