So I'm going to be competing in Targa Newfoundland in Sept and I've got two main sponsors which are basically the same company (Keep Cool Refrigeration and Summit Plumbing & Heating Ltd). My car is a 95 Integra that will be painted plain white (Not my car pictured). I've agreed on the rear quarter panel for summit Plumbing and I'm hoping to convince the Keep Cool boss to buy the rest of the side. (Door and fender). I'd like to show him a nicely done livery to help sell it to him if possible, as the guy at the sticker shop just mocked up the logos and that's it. With both on board the location of each is not important as long as they both have roughly equal space.

Anyways, here's the material to work with

Your canvas:

Keep Cool Refrigeration Service Van:



Summit Plumbing & Heating Logo: