It’s a 2001 Honda Civic, 4 door. When doing a (legal) U-turn earlier today, I heard a loud popping noise coming from what I thought was the passenger’s side front wheel. When straightening the wheel after the same U-turn, I got a very similar popping noise. I also got the same popping noise making a tight left turn into the garage. (The U-turn was also to the left). Any guesses on what it could be? I’m planning on taking a look at the following tonight:

  • Lug nuts
  • Lower ball joint
  • Sway bar end link (seemed fine)
  • Outer tie rod (seemed fine)
  • Bolts that hold the strut onto the steering knuckle (seemed fine)
  • Bolts that hold the strut into the strut mount
  • Strut mount
  • Strut
  • Lower control arm bushings (both) (seemed fine)
  • Bolts that hold the brake caliper to the steering knuckle
  • Sway bar bushings
  • CV joint (suggested by both Haadkoe and sony1492 - thanks guys!) - see video(s)

The noise was loud enough to be heard with the radio on. When first turning to the left, it was a single loud pop, then when turning the wheel back, a second pop.


I have my doubts that it’s the lower control arm bushings, as the entire lower control arm was replaced earlier this year (both sides were replaced). Sway bar end links were also replaced, but I’m still going to check them. I’ll update this post as I’ve looked at each item, and update the list with any new items.

Any other guesses on what this could be?

Update: I put it up on the jack stands and tried moving things around by hand. From full lock to full lock, I tried moving and shimmying things around as much as I could. No popping noise when moving things around side to side, but there does seem to be a bit of play when rotating the tire back and forth. I couldn’t quite tell if the clicking noise was coming from the transmission (it was in neutral) or from the CV joints:

(Forgive the shaky-cam - I was holding it with one hand). The grease boots are as clean as a whistle. Once I got it down from the jack stands, I took it around a local parking lot for a few tight turns. No popping noises present. The clicking noise was likely my keys clicking against the ignition.

I still need to check out any sway bar bushings and bolts, but everything else looked pretty decent.