So as I mentioned earlier, I scraped up the M5 this morning backing it into my girlfriends Acura. 25 year old car and the paint was perfect until now. Sigh. Honestly, you'd never see it unless you were looking for it and I'm so thankful that there were no dents but it still bugs me.

So please help me feel better by sharing your stories of boneheaded car-related mistakes you've made. Whether its forgetting to tighten a drain plug, having your car roll away or reversing out of your garage with the door open, I'm ready to hear it all. And thanks in advance for maybe making me feel a little less stupid and realizing that even car enthusiasts do dumb stuff sometimes. I need to laugh to keep from crying.

EDIT: thanks. You guyz are da best. Keep em coming. I'd rather try to laugh than fume about it at this point. :)


It occurred that I should share mine. Thanks for replies. Ok here are the 4 that stick out in my mind. (Besides Scratching the M5 this morning)


1. This just happened the other day. Because the M5 is so old and European, you don't have to put the clutch in to start it. I just cleaned out my garage enough to make space for it but its still a little tight. The other day I was playing with the OBC on my car. Turned on the ignition with the car in first and foot off the clutch. Fortunately my right foot was on the brake and the car dies instantly. I might start leaving it in neutral with the e brake on in the garage.

2. Once being so excited upon I arrival at the Subaru dealership to go for a test drive that I forgot to put my WRX in gear or the e brake up and it started rolling. Caught it in time though. Just stupid.


3. Once, when parked on the left side of my garage, I reversed with the drivers door open. I realized in time to brake though the door smacked the door rails a bit.

4. Wrote off my first car (1988 Ford Taurus) when I was 21 by falling asleep at the wheel on the entrance to a residential community. Wasn't drinking or toking. Just dozed off for a split second around a curve. Took out three baby trees. Woke up to the sound of my buddy yelling and heading a CRACK sound! Late at night. No people or other cars around. Didnt even stop. Drove back to my friends house with the radiator shot and the front end of my car looking like an "M". Car was a writeoff.


Ok, now I'm scared to drive anywhere.