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Help me find a better car than the RX-8

I’m not going to change it, because rotary is life, but I got a reaction to a comment I made on front page that made me think.

Context was the ever-going argument RX-8 Good/Bad. I’m not gonna reiterate it here, since it’s always the same.

Point is, it ended with this reply:

I don’t get all the love for it, when there are options that are more reliable, cheaper, better looking, AND faster all at the same time! Although, I guess it makes sense. Even the Yugo and Pinto have their enthusiasts.


So I got curious, what comparable car is more reliable, cheaper, better looking, and faster than the RX-8? All at the same time?

Filler image, so the picture matches the title

(By the way, if the original commenter reads this, this is not meant to offend you in any way, I’m genuinely curious)

So I checked the semi-local listings to see what I can find.
As I said, I wanted something comparable, so:
- Early 2000's or newer
- More reliable (ok, that’s not the hardest part)
- Better looking (that’s subjective, for me the RX-8 is the one of the most beautiful cars of the last decade)
- Faster
- Preferably 4 seats, but not a must
- Preferably RWD, but interesting FWD could be considered
- Manual
- Under 6000€, since that’s around what I paid for the Mazda (6723 USD)


What I found (apart numerous RX-8's):

Audi TT Roadster 1.8 T quattro S-line


I never liked the design of those, it’s got 190.000 km, meh aftermarket wheels, and it’s a 2 seater. But it’s a quattro, which is nice.

Volkswagen Golf 4 2.8 V6


It’s sold with only the winter tires on steelies. Even if it’s a VR6, it’s still a Golf, which is the European equivalent of a Camry. Also it has 230.000 km

Audi S3 1.8 T quattro


It’s a Golf for those who made it. So, no.

Opel Astra GTC 2.0 Turbo


The Astra is the Golf for those who don’t want a VW but still a German small hatchback.

Mercedes-Benz C 230


I’m neither a taxi driver nor retired.

BMW 330xi


This is probably the most interesting one of the bunch, but I’m no BMW guy.

Ford Focus 2.5 ST


I have to admit, I love this color. And this particular one could be interesting. But I have too many cars right now.

Seat Leon 1.8 Turbo Cupra R


Which is like an previous gen sporty Golf.

So basically, the alternatives to the RX-8 here are some hot hatches, bland German compact sedans, or an ugly convertible.


But maybe where you live, the alternatives are better? Show me your cheap sporty cars that are better than a RX-8 in every way!

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