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Help Me Find a Headunit.

I need to update the Galant’s radio. My car didn’t get the option CD player, one of only two options on the 91 VR-4, the other was a sunroof, which I do have. Even if it had it probably wouldn’t work anymore, just like my tape deck which doesn’t work any more. Also my antenna is broken off.

So my car has, port radio reception, no tape deck, and no CD player. And obviously no AUX because my car is older than Cell phones, not to mention MP3 players.

Anyway I want to upgrade/update my headunit. I’d like a single DIN so I can also add a storage cubby/maybe gauges if my car ever gets seriously modified. My only other requirements are that it can’t look gawdy, the more OEM it looks the better. And it need to have a rear mounted AUX jack so I can run the cord into the center console where it can hid when I want my car to look period correct.

Not my car, but same thing.

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