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Help me find a hobby!

For my health and sanity I really need a new hobby, hopefully with all the diverse interests here I can get some good ideas. I need something I can “do” collecting doesn’t really do it for me. Cost is big too. I like mechanical stuff, but cars cause me more grief than happiness these days. Kinda thinking about trying to make clocks or something, I’m not really creative in an artistic sense but I like Legos they’re just expensive and I don’t just want to be following directions forever. Also thinking about archery but the mechanical aspect is lacking then, guns would seem to check the boxes but cost and mental health (mainly my wife but I’ve struggled too) rule out guns. So any ideas? I think I would like building RC cars or something but don’t really see myself using them.

TL;DR - looking for mechanical hands on hobby that can be creative and original without really being artistic.


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