Having not bought a car on my trip to CA, I’ve decided I really need a small truck instead for things like hauling car parts, hauling stuff to work on the house, Truck Things, and ruining in the salty winters.

The problem is I also have a burning desire for an NA Miata, which are not exactly uncommon to find for sale and every decent one temps me.

Around here, this is the typical craigslist truck:

Photo courtesy of the Akron/Canton craigslist

Seriously - I saw the title of that ad (“89 Chevy S-10 4x4 5spd”) and got excited, until I opened it.

So what am I looking for? Well, the dream would be the image above, without the incredible rot. A small truck, 4x4, single cab, short bed, manual, under 5 grand (ideally under 4). I can travel a few hours (for reference just assume I’m in Akron, OH) but don’t have a ton of time off work to burn, having just gotten back from a week-long vacation.


What can you find, Oppo?