Hey guys!

I love to research cars to buy, and I sometimes get asked to help others do it too. Not like Tom McParland, but as close as I can get. The problem with this time is that I don’t know SUVs at all. I read a lot of blogs and auto sites so I have general knowledge, and I know how to find what I need, but this is my start.

Recommend me an SUV, new or recent, that has ALL the driver assists. We’re talking collision avoidance, cameras, lane keeping, everything. Not Tesla autopilot, but just about. I don’t know his budget. He certainly can afford something good, but I think practically he’d shy away from anything over $60,000.


My first thought went to something like the Volvo XC60 with all their safety claims. He has a bad eye, and is dealing with other medical mobility issues, so safety is high on my priority list. What do you guys think?

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