For marketing class we have the assignment to find our favorite commercial to present and to explain the making and thinking behind the ad. I have already chosen four of my favorite commercials which are organised in no particular order, but I would like Oppo to chime in with suggestions as I am sure I will be missing some. Choosing only one of them will be quite the task.

My first choice is the Volkswagen ad “Night Drive”campaign for the MK5 Golf. This isn’t very exciting, but the atmosphere and the words said ring many bells to me as a car enthusiast. “When was the last time you just went for a drive?”, magnificent.

My second choice is the Audi RS3 Birth. This ad was extremely eye opening to me, I wouldn’t call it informative or beautiful but damn intriguing. This is my top choice from these four for now.

The next one is more of a short film than an actual commercial. This little film from Porsche portrays my exact feelings when I was a kid and wanted to experience cars. The dialogues and the complete production makes it very enjoyable as well.

The last one is from Mercedes, with Nico Rosberg and Michael Schumacher. Very funny, entertaining and original. AMG V8 noises are just icing on the cake.

Any suggestions?