Help Me Find the Car That Hit My Friend and Ran

Edit: Big thanks to Nibbles and to Fardoche for driving it home. Definitely seems to be a Chrysler 200, I’m forwarding the information to the officer. Thanks internet, for solving the issue in less than an hour as per usual. Best Community.

On Saturday night, my friends and I attending school at UMass Amherst went to a get-together off-campus. While walking back from the party, my friend Andy was clipped by a car doing roughly 40 miles per hour. The car never hit the brakes. Fortunately, I have an entire mirror, so hopefully we can get this one ID’ed pretty quickly.


Andy was walking on a road with no sidewalk with another one of our friends, traveling in a bike lane and around 2:30 in the morning. The car drifted over enough for it’s passenger-side mirror to make contact with his leg (he’s probably a bit over 6 feet tall, so likely a car rather than an SUV), breaking his tibia and sending him to the pavement where he fractured his forehead and got a concussion. Fortunately, Andy is built like a house, so it could have been much worse. Our friend who was with him at the time said he didn’t get a good look at the car, since he was panicking, it was dark, and he was dealing with Andy.

The mirror was left at the scene and was collected by the responding officer, so I reached out to him for pictures, knowing this community would be able to ID it. When I received them, I myself was almost entirely sure we were dealing with a 2016 Honda Accord, based on the sticker on a piece of plastic saying the build date and that it was made in Mexico. After seeing the mirror in person, it looks vaguely similar, but is definitely something else. (Edit: I know guys, it’s not an Accord)I was thinking maybe an Altima but I haven’t had the opportunity to dig deeper because of my schoolwork.

What we know so far is;

  • Likely a car
  • 2016 model year, almost all stickers on the mirror pieces say late 2015
  • The motor for the mirror is the only piece with a clear part number, which, when searched comes back as being used for Volvos and BMWs. The mirror itself, however, feels too light/cheap and lacks enough gadgets to be a European mirror (In my opinion).
  • The mirror is heated
Note the mirror size in the background
This picture is slightly deceptive, as the mirror appears much smaller than it actually is.
All attempts to orientate these pictures properly proved futile.
The motor we pulled a part number off of

Any help is greatly appreciated. Andy is very active, and this injury has not only left him unhappy and bed-ridden but has also cost him his job as a soccer referee. We just want to try and catch this person.

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